How To Measure

  1. Gather a level and measuring tape to ensure accurate measurements.
  2. Measure the width of your wall including any items like trim, moulding, windows, or doors.
  3. Measure the height of you wall from floor to ceiling (including space for crown moulding and baseboard
  4. Check out our video or downloadable instructions for more details.
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How To Order

  1. Have your wall measurements.
  2. Choose an image from our library or upload your own.
  3. Use our easy editing tools to adjust your image so it looks just right!
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How To Install

  1. Let your graphics lay flat inside so they can relax and acclimate to your room.
  2. Clear the area of furniture and clean your surface. Remember to turn off any circuit breakers if your mural covers up any outlets or light switches.
  3. Confirm the graphic panel sizes to your assembly guide.
  4. Make reference marks.
  5. Remove precut liner strip.
  6. Line up your first panel & Install.
  7. Trim around edges, switches, & plugs.
  8. Repeat with remaining panels.
  9. Check out our video and downloadable instructions for more details.
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